Snappy’s Annual Holiday Gifting Survey Reveals that 75% of Employees Hope to Receive a Gift from Their Company This Holiday Season

The Study Also Finds That 57% of Employees See an Employer’s Gift as a Sign of Gratitude and Appreciation & Nearly 70% of Those Surveyed Have Received a Gift They Didn’t Want and Didn’t Use

This holiday season, 75% of employees are hoping to receive a gift from their company, with 57% seeing a gift as a sign of their employer’s gratitude and appreciation. An even higher percentage, 78%, report increased job satisfaction after receiving a meaningful gift from their employer, highlighting the important role of gift-giving in fostering gratitude, appreciation and positive business relationships. These are among the data findings released today by Snappy, the leading gifting platform, in its annual Holiday Gifting Report, which gauges attitudes and trends related to holiday corporate gifting by businesses and personal gifting by consumers.

Snappy’s report shows widespread enjoyment of the holiday season overall, with nearly three-quarters of those surveyed (74%) expressing their delight during this festive time of year. However, the survey also highlights common gifting pitfalls, with nearly 70% of respondents saying they have received gifts they didn’t want and never used and 24% saying they have experienced the awkwardness of getting an unwanted gift from their boss.

While more than half of those surveyed (51%) say they experience stress when it comes to selecting gifts, the spirit of giving remains strong, with 55% reporting that when using a gift, they reflect fondly on the person who gave it to them—highlighting the importance of meaningful gifting.


●  Giving is often challenging for companies: Some 55% of respondents want help choosing the right gifts and 70% wish there were more efficient ways to complete holiday shopping, from choosing to sending.

●  Gifts to employees have a halo effect, boosting satisfaction and loyalty: More than a third of employees (35%) say that the increased job satisfaction they feel after receiving a meaningful gift lasts for 3–6 months.

●  Gift cards are convenient, but a little cold: Some 61% of respondents send gift cards because they’re convenient but find them impersonal, highlighting the demand for more meaningful, accessible gifting options for both businesses and individuals.

●  Better to give than not, but best to give thoughtfully: While 63% of respondents would rather receive no gift than a poorly chosen one, nearly a third (31%) say that not receiving a holiday gift would nudge them toward exploring new job opportunities.

●  Corporate gifting goes beyond employees: Holiday gifting extends to external business relationships, with 66% of those surveyed saying they send gifts to clients and 68% to vendors, underscoring its importance in creating long-standing relationships.


●  People aren’t as easy to shop for as they think they are: While 85% of respondents think they are “easy to shop for,” 69% say they have received a holiday gift they didn’t want. That disconnect leaves gift-givers feeling stressed, with 52% worrying that they will pick the “wrong” gift.

●  A majority of consumers support conscious gifting: Some 62% of those surveyed prefer gifts that support small businesses, while 39% favor gifts that are eco-friendly and 34% favor gifts from minority-owned businesses.

●  Shipping costs factor into online shoppers’ decisions: While price (51%), quality (47%), and variety (35%) were the top factors that determine where consumers look to shop online, shipping costs were a major consideration for more than a third (34%) of respondents.

●  It really is the thought that counts: A majority of gift-givers (71%) and recipients (80%) place higher importance on sentimentality than cost.

Snappy is committed to enhancing the gifting experience with its unique “gift of choice” platform, which alleviates the pressure of holiday shopping. The platform’s curated gift collections empower recipients to choose the present that most resonates with them, guaranteeing the perfect gift every time.


Snappy’s 2023 Holiday Gifting Report was fielded from 1,527 Americans ages 18 and older, who were surveyed online in September 2023. Respondents were recruited based on demographics via an online sample by Propeller Insights.