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Asian Heritage Month and our continued commitment to social responsibility

Ciara Appelbaum
May 1, 2021

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. With acts of anti-Asian racism making headlines, we want to take a moment to say Snappy stands with the Asian community. We believe we have a responsibility to say so vocally and to take action as an organization. 

To celebrate the hard work of minority entrepreneurs, we are making it a priority to add more Asian-owned and minority-owned brands to our gift collections as swiftly as we can. Their products can be found in our collections year-round. 

Take a peek at some of our amazing minority-owned partners!


“Growing up, my Chinese grandmother brewed healing tonics with a symphony of wild herbs. They worked wonders, from soothing my stomach to boosting my immunity.

Inspired by the healing ingredients of my heritage, I dreamt up a new kind of drink that marries modern taste with ancient nutrition. Wildwonder is a delightful, bubbly, and gut-healing drink made with whimsical flavors and real ingredients.

Every drink is consciously made in California, and lifts you to create everyday wonders. You’ve done one already: 5% of profits from this bottle goes to empowering women and marginalized communities.”

T|W Tote

“As a luxury brand, T|W Tote wants to change how people view sustainable products. Consider the T|W Tote a look great and feel great purchase. Our product guarantees to boost your confidence and inspire intrigue with this professional-looking bag. Sporting this tote not only means you’re supporting a Black-owned small business. It means you're helping the planet, too.

The T|W Tote was birthed from a real need; a better way to carry lunch. Dressed to impress, Shallon struggled to find something to place his lunch in for the day. After trying a paper bag, a plastic bag and even a velcro neoprene meal bag, he realized none of these really reflected the look he was going for. None of them matched his style. Frustrated, he then went online to find a corporate lunch box. There was nothing similar to what he was looking for at a reasonable price. He then decided it is time we take matters into our own hands. From this, the T|W lunch tote was born.”

Kuju Coffee

“In 2015, we'd had enough watered-down, bland instant coffee and set out on a journey to find something better.

So we created the original Pocket PourOver® using the highest quality specialty-grade and ethically sourced coffees we could find. The result was a portable pour over coffee that is both amazingly flavorful and convenient.

And now we’re on a mission to help people reclaim their moments of rejuvenation with coffee in places you’ve never had it before, because after all - Quality Is Never Instant.®

With every purchase, we donate 1% of sales to the National Park Foundation. Join us in protecting some of our nation’s most precious treasures.”


“Think the Farm to Table trend is only for food? Think again! Your flowers are arranged right on the farm where they are grown and sent directly to your doorstep. We partner with sustainable farms around the globe to provide you with the most beautiful and unique blooms around. Each stem we ship is hand-picked and cut 2-4 days before you receive them, ensuring quality and freshness.

While we love flowers, we appreciate how they are grown and the people who grow them even more! That’s why we only partner with Rainforest Alliance certified farms, meaning that no toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization for our flowers and the flower farm workers are treated fairly. Because we work directly with the farms, they are able to enjoy far better profit margins, leading to better working conditions for their employees and more opportunity to grow.”

More to come...

At Snappy, we are committed to making a difference in the world. If you know an awesome product offered by a minority-owned business - please let us know! Our team is looking to partner with even more amazing minority-owned businesses and, as we gain more, we will continue to add them to this list.

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