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Introducing New Features and API Integrations to Take Gifting to the Next Level This Holiday Season

Ciara Appelbaum
October 21, 2021

We are proud to announce the Snappy platform, which uses expert curation and a proprietary algorithm to help companies send a choice of fun surprises to team members and customers, has now added additional personalization features and new integration options. Gift senders can now send a personal video greeting along with their gift and will be able to add customizable reveal experiences to make their recipient experience even more fun and delightful!

With more than 70% of office workers signaling their preference for hybrid or home working, it’s more important than ever to find ways to connect with employees, business partners and customers in ways that are both engaging and easy to deliver at scale. “This holiday season, we wanted to give everyone the chance to send a little more happiness with their gifts, and the power of video to deliver your message takes that experience to the next level,” said Hani Goldstein, Snappy’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We have been working hard to develop our video greeting option and additional gift reveal experiences ahead of the holidays because we know how important it is to make people feel extra special at this time of year.” Snappy Studio, which houses the personalization engine, will also allow senders to choose a “surprise” option! So if you want to thrill your recipients with surprise company cupcakes or other special treats, Snappy can deliver smiles straight to their door.

Snappy, which already offers integrations to HR and payroll platforms including ADP, has also launched a new API and integration with Zapier. This allows companies to trigger gift sends directly from within their own business processes or via the 3000+ Zapier integrations including Excel, Gmail, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack and a raft of HR and marketing tools - opening up more opportunities to show appreciation and build better business relationships in seconds. From recruiting firms sending gifts to their newly placed candidates, to companies thanking customers for their loyalty - the ability to show gratitude to people who are key to your success has just become a whole lot easier and more fun.

“We are hugely grateful to our customers, who have chosen Snappy to help them show appreciation to their team members and customers,” said Goldstein. “Their feedback and excitement speaks to the impact that a platform like Snappy can have on people’s daily lives.”

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