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2023 Holiday Gift Trends You Need to Know About Now

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Taylor Healy
August 23, 2023

The holiday season is all about sharing moments of joy, creating new memories, being present in celebrations, and delivering kindness and tokens gratitude to the people who mean the most!

Gifting is one small but powerful way we can all share gratitude and deliver joy this holiday season. According to a 2022 Holiday Gifting Study, nearly all Americans agreed that receiving holiday gifts made them feel valued (90.3%) and that gifts are an act of kindness and gratitude (96%). When people put gifts to use in their daily lives, they’re actively thinking about the person who gave it to them (94.2%).

At Snappy, our team of expert product merchandisers and gift curators have their finger on the pulse of emerging trends for gift giving, as well as the newest quality brands on the market. It’s our merchandising and curation team that helps create each of the thoughtful gift collections found on Snappy, for both business and personal gifting needs.

Here are the biggest holiday gifting trends to be excited about in 2023:

The best in Business Gifting… 

by Lizzie La Barbera, Snappy’s senior gift curation manager:

  • The curation team loves self-care, and so do your gift recipients! We are excited that this gifting trend continues to take on new life. Wellness & beauty tech – like the ever-popular Solawave – are taking those special moments of pause and rest we all need to a whole new level.
  • We’re really jazzed about tech, home entertainment, and all the makings of a great night in. That looks like making the room you like to hang out in as fun and relaxing as possible. Think mini-fridges, popcorn makers, projectors, new smart TVs, speakers and soundbars, delicious snacks, and more!
  • Everyone knows our team at Snappy LOVES the holidays. This year we are looking forward to providing recipients with gift options featuring holiday trim and winter delights like holiday decor, wreaths and garlands, ornaments, fancy kitchen gear (we have our eyes on the red Smeg Kettle), fun family games, and so much more in our most festive collection of the year, perfect for sending to employees, clients, business partners, and beyond.

For personal gifting that leaves a lasting impression… 

2023 gifting trends by Taylor Healy, Snappy’s lead curator for personal gifting:

  • Sustainable gifts are everywhere in the market, but at Snappy we believe this is more than just a trend, it’s a cause and commitment from our brand partners that we truly care about. That’s why we seek out sustainably-sourced products from brands that are committed to ethical production and contributing to impactful environmental causes. From electronics to snacks, home goods and travel, Snappy’s eco-conscious brands span all categories so you can find a gift for everyone on your list that you can feel good about. 
  • At Snappy we believe in spreading joy and positivity with everything we do, which is why we are thrilled to see a growing emphasis on mental health and wellness in the gifting space. Whether it’s gift options to support a good night’s sleep, self care workbooks, robes, shower steamers, diffusers, or healthy beverage blends, we’re loving all things self-care and wellness related. 
  • Gourmet food and beverage options will be a must-have option for holiday gifting. Everyone likes to indulge in a sweet treat or two over the holidays, but the standard popcorn tin or fruit basket can be overdone and is outdated. Let your gift recipient decide if they’re in the mood for sweet or savory this year (and account for any dietary restrictions) by choosing from Snappy’s thoughtful selection of gourmet food vendors such as Fly By Jing, Dana’s Bakery, or Driftaway Coffee (all women owned businesses you can feel good about supporting!)
  • A tried and true holiday gift category that always wins is beauty items. Snappy’s selection hits on all the trends with something for every type of beauty buff:
  1. For the teen in your life, we’re all about the brands that have gone viral on TikTok such as Laniege, Charlotte Tilbury or Rare Beauty
  2. For mom, you can’t go wrong with a timeless fragrance like Chanel
  3. For the millennial embracing minimalism, we’re proud to offer an array of clean beauty brands such as Koasa and Tata Harper 
  • The Shroom Boom has arrived! From dietary supplements to home decor and giftables, the mushroom motif is everywhere, and we are here for it! At Snappy, we’re particularly excited about mushroom lamps, textiles (e.g. mycelium “leather” furniture, rugs, pillows), dinnerware, posters, candles, puzzles, and even kits that empower you to grow your own mushrooms, for adults and kids alike!

Our complete holiday collections for personal and business gifting will be available in September - get excited!

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