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Meet Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant: Your Personal Guide to Sending a Perfect Gift Collection

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Ruth Wang
May 12, 2023

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Today, we're excited to introduce Snappy's new AI Gifting Assistant. Think of our new AI tool as your personal guide to seamless and personalized gift-giving.

We are rolling out our AI Gifting Assistant on our personal gifting platform,, today. And in the next few weeks, we’ll be expanding to launch our AI Gifting Assistant on our B2B platform, as well!

How does Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant streamline gifting?

Our mission is to help you effortlessly send the perfect gifts to express your gratitude, appreciation, love, and care. Traditional gift-hunting can be time-consuming and laborious, not to mention stressful, as you worry about finding the perfect gift. In just a few clicks, Snappy’s AI Gifting Assistant helps you send a memorable customized collection that your recipient is guaranteed to love. All you have to do is share a brief description of your gift recipient (are they your mom, your brother, a coworker, friend, or partner), their preferences (do they enjoy the outdoors, or maybe they’re a tech lover with a sweet tooth), and the occasion (think: Mother’s Day, graduation, promotion, engagement, new house). 

At Snappy, our platforms help you take the guesswork out of gifting with our industry-leading insights from our gifting experts, and now we’re mixing in automation to make it even easier! 

Why now?

We are always innovating with the goal of elevating the experience we offer our customers through technology. We've closely followed AI's rapid development over the last year, and are excited to combine OpenAI’s GPT model with our own proprietary gifting data to create more personalized, delightful, and magical gifting experiences. This launch marks the beginning of our AI experimentation and innovation, and we’re excited to explore AI’s massive potential to enhance our gifting experiences.

What sets Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant apart?

At Snappy, we’re proud to have been able to help send the perfect gift to more than 3 million happy gift recipients worldwide (and counting!). Our new AI Gifting Assistant takes the gifting experience to a whole new level of personalization. It combines the latest AI technology with our extensive gift marketplace of tens of thousands of gifting merchandise, as well as our algorithm, which uses Snappy’s proprietary gifting data to recommend the most relevant gifts for your recipient. Unlike other gifting and shopping assistants, Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant specializes in personalized gifting experiences using our proprietary gift catalog, in-house curation expertise, as well as our one-of-a-kind gifting algorithm, ensuring you send the perfect gift, every time, on every occasion.

Why choose Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant?

Our AI Gifting Assistant offers tailor-made gift recommendations, time-saving convenience, and, most importantly, the perfect gift for your recipient! By streamlining your gift search process, we make sending gifts just as enjoyable as receiving them. 

How it works

You don’t need to be a software engineer to use Snappy’s AI Gifting Assistant, it’s delightfully simple! Simply visit, input a few words or a sentence to describe your recipient, their preferences, and the gifting occasion (e.g., "a new mom who loves fitness, food, and has recently moved to a new home"), and select a budget level. Our AI Gifting Assistant will immediately generate a curated selection of gift options, allowing your recipient to choose their favorite product from the collection as their gift.

Try Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant today and experience the joy of personalized gifting for every moment, from those special occasions to your everyday moments of celebration and gratitude!

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