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Say Goodbye To Generic Anniversary Notes

Colleen Schwartz
June 28, 2024

Want to make your colleagues' anniversary truly memorable with a message that resonates deeply? Here’s how to transform a simple note into a heartfelt celebration that highlights your colleague’s importance and their contributions to the team. 

Why Do Workplace Anniversaries Matter? 

Snappy’s 2023 Birthday Gifting and Celebrations Study found that 54% of employees have received an anniversary gift from an employer and 83% said it made them feel appreciated. Anniversaries mark significant milestones for employees. They reflect an employee's dedication and contributions to their team as well as the larger organization. 83% of employees said that if employers celebrated anniversaries, morale would be higher in the workplace. 

Recognizing these moments boosts morale, strengthens team bonds and enhances engagement. When it comes to retention, 74% of employees said that they’d be more likely to stay at their jobs if they received an annual anniversary gift from their employer. A rewards and recognition program that does not recognize anniversaries is missing a massive opportunity to show appreciation to their employees. 

Personalizing Your Anniversary Messages 

When it comes to sending an anniversary message to a colleague, you can write the same old message over and over again or you can make it meaningful. 

You can say: 

Happy Anniversary. Thank you for all that you do. 

Or you can say: 

Happy (insert year) Anniversary! We’re so grateful that you’re part of the team. Your talent and passion shine through in everything you do. Thank you so much for your hard work this year — we can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the year to come! 

The key is to personalize your message to each individual. Acknowledge their contributions and call out specific examples of what makes them a great employee. And don’t forget to share your appreciation!

Making Anniversary Celebrations At Work Easy and Fun

Here are some tips to help you craft the perfect anniversary message: 

Express Genuine Appreciation 

Start with sincere words that convey your gratitude and recognition for their hard work and dedication. 

Highlight Specific Achievements

Point out specific contributions or milestones they’ve achieved during their time with the company to make the message as personal as possible. 

Keep It Professional Yet Warm

Maintain a balance between professionalism and a personal touch to ensure your message is heartfelt without being overly familiar. 

Celebrate Their Impact

Acknowledge the positive influence they’ve had on the team and the workplace, emphasizing how their efforts have made a difference. 

Start Celebrating Anniversaries Today

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