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The Best Nurses Gift Ideas (plus 3 more ways to show appreciation for Nurses Day)

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Daisy Rogozinsky
March 4, 2024

Nursing is one of the most demanding professions in the working world, requiring long hours, physical effort, and a high level of skill and professionalism. If your organization employs a nursing staff, it’s important to show recognition and gratitude for their tremendous efforts and abilities in order to maintain their motivation and job satisfaction. Thankfully, May offers a fantastic opportunity for employers to show their appreciation: Nurses Week. 

This year, Nurses Week kicks off with International Nurses Day on Monday, May 6, and continues through Sunday, May 12. Acknowledging nurses’ contributions and calling attention to their working conditions, Nurses Week is a great chance for healthcare organizations and nursing homes to show their nurses the gratitude they deserve through a variety of gestures and actions.

We’ll explore some unique gift ideas and more ways your organization can celebrate nurses this year.

The Power of Gifts for Celebrating Nurses

When it comes to gestures of gratitude, nothing is more impactful than a truly thoughtful, personal gift. In fact, 90% of Americans agree receiving a gift makes them feel valued. 

Depending on the size of your nursing staff, finding and sending a gift for every single nurse may be challenging. Thankfully, there are solutions that help. Snappy offers an easy bulk gifting platform that is as fast and simple to manage as it is impactful and meaningful to receive. 

Instead of requiring you to pick out a single gift that will work for every single nurse, Snappy allows you to give the gift of choice. Nurses can choose from a collection of popular gift options, meaning they’re guaranteed to get something they’ll love and cherish. 

Snappy’s platform also allows you to include a personalized message (in text or video format) along with your gift. This is a great opportunity for you to speak from the heart and show your gratitude for your nursing staff. 

Nurses Appreciation Gift Ideas

Gone are the days of the generic gift card or unmemorable and often ineffective gift to show employee appreciation. Snappy offers gift collections packed full of unique, functional, beautiful items that your nurses will be thrilled to receive. Below, we share some of the best gift options for Nurses Week 2023. Because nothing says Happy National Nurses Day like these thoughtful, curated items. The best part - with Snappy your hard working nurses can choose for themselves the item they love most from our collections, ensuring that your money is well spent and that their gift is well received.

MiiR 16oz Tumbler | Under $25

Grab and never let go of the MiiR 16 oz Tumbler. Fitting comfortably in cupholders and daily routines alike, the Tumbler flexes to any beverage while impressively maintaining its temperature.

Bonsai Tree Kit | Under $25

As beautiful a piece of decor as it is a meaningful symbol of harmony and patience, Loako’s Premium Bonsai Tree Kit contains everything required to grow the most beautiful bonsai trees from seed. It makes a great nurse’s station decoration, or a calming activity to do at home.

Wellness Workbook, Feel Your Best | Under $25

Nurses dedicate their days to caring for others. They deserve to step back and check in on their own wellness. This workbook is all about working on the self and individual personal growth. It has over 100 pages on goals, exploration, action, and relaxation. 

Lexon Mino S Speaker | Under $25

Small but mighty, The Mino S portable Bluetooth speaker is pocket-sized with an impressive sound that's ready to go anywhere. Nurses can stream their favorite playlist from a smartphone or tablet for up to three hours thanks to the speaker’s built-in USB-rechargeable battery.

Bean Box Chocolate & Coffee Tasting | Under $50

Bean Box has curated coffees from award-winning roasters and paired them with culinary-inspired chocolates for the ultimate tasting symphony. It packs just the energetic (and delicious) punch a nurse needs for a long shift.

P.Volve Streaming Access | Under $50

For the nurse looking to fit a workout or wellness routine into their busy schedule, P.Volve offers thousands of on-demand classes with categories such as Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn, Stretch & Recovery, Meditation, and much more. Gift access to 50+ Live Virtual Studio Classes per week, plus a complimentary 15-minute 1:1 session with a master trainer.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser | Under $50

This nurses day, give the gift of instant relaxation. The stylish and minimalistic aromatherapy oil diffuser turns any space into a calm oasis. All it takes is a few drops of a favorite essential oil. It includes both constant diffusing and 10-second interval settings.

Instant 4-in-1 Milk Frother | Under $50

For the nurse who likes to elevate their coffee, the Instant Milk Frother can create warm or cold silky microfoam from either dairy or non-dairy milk. Perfect for matcha, lattes, and cappuccinos to get the day started right.

Amalfi Orchid Duo | Under $75

The Amalfi Orchid feels like an instant vacation to the far east. This bright purple orchid duo set in an elegant ceramic planter is an ideal gift to show your appreciation, sure to brighten up any space. 

Porter On-The-Go Lunch Set | Under $75

Better for the earth (and budget)! Busy nurses can make the most of meal prep with this innovative line of to-go containers. This bundle is designed to cut down on single-use plastic and encourage healthier habits like bringing lunch to work.

More ideas for how to wish a happy Nurses Week

Nurses Week is an occasion that only comes around once a year and is celebrated by healthcare organizations, nursing associations, and retailers throughout the U.S. This is your chance to do something truly special that really shows the nurses on your staff how much you appreciate their hard work. Below, find four outstanding ideas that are sure to make for a memorable Nurses Week.

Publicly declare your gratitude for nurses

A public declaration of gratitude is a great way to make nurses on your staff feel recognized and seen, while showing them their contributions are recognized and valued. Take to social media, Slack, or your organization message boards to post declarations of appreciation and gratitude. Here are some tips that will make your public shout-out impactful:

  • Posting on public social media accounts? Use the hashtags #NursesWeek and #ThankANurse to help as many people as possible find your post
  • Make your shout-out as personal and specific as possible! Include your nurses’ first name and photos (just make sure you have their consent)
  • If your staff is small enough, consider writing a few words about each nurse mentioning specific contributions and traits of theirs that you are grateful for. This personal touch will truly take your post to the next level.

Create a montage for Nurses Day

Nursing is a job that requires long hours and hard work, which creates many opportunities for strong bonds to be built between nurses and their co-workers and patients. You can leverage this to put together an incredibly meaningful Nurses Week video montage or photo slideshow. 

Include photos and messages from patients, staff, and loved ones thanking the nurses for their dedication and hard work. Sometime during Nurses Week, gather everybody together in the break room and play the video. Just be sure to have some tissues handy because it can make for a very emotional moment. 

PTO for R&R

Nurses work extremely hard and rarely get enough time for self-care and rest. This means that one of the most impactful things you can give them for Nurses Week is some extra time off that they can use for the R&R they so deserve. 

It’s up to you what time off option will work best for your organization. Some ideas include giving nurses an extra day of PTO they can use at their discretion or offering time in lieu, extra time off for overtime hours worked. Whatever you decide, your nursing staff is sure to be grateful for the chance to relax.

Nurses Week and Beyond

It can be easy to take nurses and their hard work for granted. That’s why Nurses Week is such an important reminder to recognize nurses for their continual commitment to serving their patients and communities. 

By celebrating Nurses Week through meaningful gestures such as gift-giving, you can demonstrate that you recognize and appreciate the nurses on your staff. And, of course, this is a great time to start a practice of regularly recognizing and rewarding your nursing staff for their year-round contributions. We wish you and the nurses you work with a Happy Nurses Week!

Nurses Appreciation FAQ

New to celebrating nurses? No problem! Below, we share the answers to the most common questions people have about Nurses Day and Nurses Week. 

When is Nurses Day?

International Nurses Day 2024 is celebrated on Monday, May 6, 2024. Nurses Week, recognized by The American Nurses Association, is observed from Monday, May 6 through Sunday, May 12, 2024. The last day of Nurses Week, May 12, is celebrated wartime nurse Florence Nightingale’s birth date. 

How did Nurses Week get started?

The first International Nurses Day was established in 1974 by the International Council of Nurses. It marked the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's mission to Crimea during the Crimean War. In 1994, the celebration was extended to a full week, and National Nurses Week was born. The week-long event is sponsored and promoted by the American Nurses Association, highlighting nurses’ contributions to their communities.

Who can participate in Nurses Week?

Anyone can participate in Nurses Week by showing their appreciation for nurses. This includes patients, families, healthcare organizations, and individuals in the community.

Is Nurses Week only celebrated in the United States?

National Nurses Week is celebrated in the United States each year from May 6 to May 12. There are also National Nurses Weeks celebrated in other countries around the world. For example, in Canada, National Nursing Week is celebrated each year during the week that includes May 12. Nurses Day is celebrated globally.

What is the theme of Nurses Day 2024?

The theme of Nurses Day 2024 was chosen by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to be "Nurses Make the Difference," honoring the incredible nurses who embody the spirit of compassion and care in every health care setting.

How can celebrate Nurses Week as an organization?

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Nurses Week, from simply saying a heartfelt thank you to the nurses on your staff to planning a more elaborate celebration. Organizations employing one or more nurses are encouraged to plan in advance and come up with gestures of appreciation that feel authentic to you. We share four ideas for Nurses Week celebrations above.

How else can I support and show appreciation for nurses beyond Nurses Day and Nurses Week?

Great question! Nurses’ hard work goes far past Nurses Week and, ideally, so should your efforts to demonstrate recognition and appreciation. You can show your support by regularly saying thank you and showing patience and understanding to nurses who may frequently experience overwhelm and stress. It’s also impactful to advocate for organizational policies that support nurses, such as advocating for adequate holiday and personal PTO, family leave, and fair pay. Organizations can also support the next generation of caregivers and their nursing education by donating to funds or scholarships for nursing students. 

How can I celebrate Nurses Week as an individual?

You can celebrate Nurses Week by thanking a nurse for their hard work and dedication, sending a thank you card or gift, organizing a recognition event for nurses, or making a donation to a nursing organization.

What is the best gift for Nurses Week? 

The best gift you can give for Nurses Week is one that is thoughtful and personal. Rather than giving the same gift to everybody on your staff, it’s best to go a more individualized route. With Snappy, you can allow your nurses to choose their own selection from a curated collection of popular gifts. This way, everybody will receive something that they want.

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