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Sending Smiles Worldwide: A Comprehensive Guide to International Gifting

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Lauren Nolan
April 2, 2024

Don’t let distance deter acts of appreciation and recognition. Employee engagement through appreciation and recognition programming is a key part of building culture, cultivating loyalty, improving employee retention, and creating a sense of belonging and value within an organization.

Recent data shows that 3 in 5 Fortune 500 companies (58%) are now operating multi-nationally, with employees living and working around the globe. Engage employees around the globe through the power of gifting. Snappy delivers gifts globally, currently serving 176 countries worldwide along with dozens of global territories and islands. From the shores of Guam to the vibrant streets of India, Snappy ensures that heartfelt gestures of appreciation can reach recipients far and wide.

Meaningful gifts are given in the spirit of gratitude for jobs well done, appreciation for colleagues and networks, and whether big or small, each gesture of giving has the power to strengthen relationships, foster deeper connections, and spread joy.

Here’s everything you need to know about international gifting:

Choosing the perfect gift

Selecting a meaningful and impactful gift involves considering a recipient's unique interests, preferences, and needs. It’s hard enough to select the perfect gift for a spouse, child, or close friend, let alone a colleague that lives on the other side of the globe. According to a 2024 Workforce Study, the majority of managers (86%) reported they need help with gifting guidance for their employees.

Snappy offers an award-winning, recipient-picks gifting experience, ensuring the perfect gift is sent every time, for everyone, on every occasion. Each Snappy gift collection is curated by gifting experts, paired with advance technology, to deliver a plethora of amazing gift options for recipients to select from. Those options, paired with a thoughtful, personalized note, is sure to brighten anyones day, wherever they live.

Simplified logistics 

Even with the best intentions, global gifting can quickly become a cumbersome headache that, too often, results in defeat. Overcome all the hurdles of international gifting – think: customs paperwork, VAT fees & taxes, unpredictable delivery times – when you partner with Snappy for your gifting needs. Snappy offers seamless, simplified logistics to make international gift-giving a breeze.

Transparent pricing

The last thing anyone wants after sending thoughtful, lovely gifts to colleagues, partners, and friends across the globe is another (and perhaps, unexpected!) bill. Snappy believes in transparent pricing from start to finish. The cost of a Snappy gift always includes the retail price of the product, as well as any necessary fees for logistics and delivery, all-in-one, offering a worry-free gifting experience that fits every budget.

Snappy offers international gifting starting at $25, and up to $5,000 or more. Snappy’s team of gifting experts are available to help users find the right gift options to fit their budget, audience, and desired delivery locale.

Global reach, local touch

Snappy gifts can be delivered anywhere in the world, but the process for sourcing and delivery stays local. Snappy partners with vetted intra-country and intra-EU vendors to ensure each gift is packed and delivered with care in each of the 176 countries, plus numerous territories and islands. 

Each gift carries a special touch from its place of origin. From traditional delights to modern marvels, our curated gift collections span diverse cultures and tastes, making every gift sent using Snappy a memorable and meaningful experience.

Sincerity in the gift send

In professional settings, expressing gratitude and appreciation through gifting requires a delicate balance of professionalism and sincerity. Including a personalized note to a gift adds a special touch of authenticity and makes the experience all the more memorable and meaningful. With Snappy, gift givers can include personalized notes with each gift send, elevating the experience and leaving a lasting impression on their recipient. 

In today’s modern world where work, life, and connection transcends borders, gifting is a powerful tool for fostering relationships and spreading joy. 

By embracing the power of gratitude-driven gifting and adhering to thoughtful etiquette, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on those around us. Spread smiles worldwide and bridge distances to strengthen professional and personal bonds through the power of gifting. 

‍Start sending meaningful gifts today…

Looking to share your appreciation and gratitude with employees, clients, and global partners? Start sending meaningful gifts and swag today with Snappy.

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