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A Guide to Writing a Great Thank You Message to Clients

Colleen Schwartz
April 3, 2023

Gifting is a powerful way to appreciate customers and show your clients how much you value their time, efforts, and loyalty. The gift should be meaningful, as should the business thank you message that accompanies it. 

If you are stumped about what to say and how to say it, we’re here to help make the entire Client Gifting process easier, including the “thank you for your business” note.  

Tone of a Customer Thank You Note

The first step to any good “thank you for your business” note is choosing the right tone. When sending a note to a client or customer you want to sound professional, but personable. 

There are multiple client gifting occasions that when paired with a well-written note in a proper tone can amplify client appreciation, Perhaps you’re sending a gift to a new vendor to kick off the beginning of your partnership. If you know the recipient well because of the many back-and-forth calls and emails you’ve exchanged, you should refer to them by their first name. The same rule applies if you are sending a gift to someone with who you’ve had a long and fruitful professional relationship, there is no need to add formal titles. 

However, if you are sending a gift to thank someone in advance for meeting with you for the very first time, you might want to consider a more formal approach to how you are addressing them. 

Saying Thank You Is The Most Important Part 

What are you saying “thank you” to your client for? Did they go above and beyond in delivering on a project? Were they quick thinking when it came to solving a problem that could have derailed a big partnership? Did they catch a mistake that everyone else had managed to miss? Be specific about why you’re grateful. Clearly map out the reason that your relationship with them and their company is so important. Be specific and include as many details as you can. Let them know where they added the most value and had the most impact so that they can do it again on future projects. 

Some examples: 

“Thanks to your quick thinking the final project managed to exceed our wildest expectations and everyone on our team is singing your praises and can’t wait to work together again. Beyond everything else, catching that miscalculation on the final slide saved the day. ”

“I appreciate the extra time and attention you and your team put into our office’s recent move. Not only did you make sure that everything went smoothly, but you also managed to do it under budget. The extra meeting you arranged to walk all of our employees through the moving day process made all the difference in the world and I am so glad you recommended it. Everyone is so pleased with their new office spaces. We are grateful for all of your efforts.” 

“You and your team of caterers helped our company celebrate a major milestone today. None of what we were able to enjoy being together after an extended period of remote work, but all of the food you provided was delicious. Everyone is still talking about the passed appetizers! Thank you for making sure everything was perfect. Can’t wait to celebrate with you again”

Mapping Out What Comes Next 

Close your thank you note by nodding toward working together again. A good thank you note not only shows gratitude and appreciation but acts as a building block for the next steps in your partnership in ways that are mutually beneficial. A thank you note is a calling card for future business. 

Don’t Forget To Sign Your Thank You Note

If you’re used to sending texts and emails, you might forget a very important part of the “thank you”-- signing your name. You don’t want to say all the right things and then leave the recipient unsure of who said them! 

If the recipient doesn’t already have a way of contacting you, whether it be by phone or email, make sure your thank you note includes your preferred way for them to connect with you. 

How to Send Your Customer Thank You Note

When you send a Snappy gift to your client, you can include a digital thank you note. 

Use Snappy to get started with your client gifting needs. Now you can find Snappy on Salesforce

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