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Partner Spotlight: Jason Deutchman of Yoga Strong

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Lauren Nolan
August 16, 2023

When Snappy partners with merchandisers, we’re always looking for the highest-quality products and services that are sure to leave gift recipients feeling deeply appreciated, joyful, and excited!

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Yoga Strong cofounder, Jason Deutchman. You can send Yoga Strong products and other amazing gift options every time for every occasion, using Snappy’s personal gifting platform as well as our business gifting platform

Yoga Strong strives to deliver innovative design so you can display authentic self-expression in your fitness routine. Their premium luxe fitness accessories, including  their yoga mats, foam rollers, workout bands, and sliders, all feature a convergence of style and function that pushes the boundaries of performance.

Not only is Jason the cofounder of Yoga Strong, he’s a former professional basketball player. We are sharing the story behind his founder journey, business, brand, and achievements.

Due to injuries endured throughout his basketball career, Jason developed a deep interest in and pursuit of holistic fitness and well-being. Yoga became a haven of physical and mental wellness in his routine, ultimately leading him to co-found the Yoga Strong brand. 

For Jason, Yoga Strong was born out of an ongoing frustration with a lack of quality mats: “I was formerly a pro basketball player and loved yoga for injury recovery and mobility. But it was often a terrible experience.”

Jason started to explore yoga for fitness recovery and improved mobility at age 16. In regards to his early yoga experience, he shares, “I’d carry my mom’s flimsy yoga mat that hurt my knees, got slippery from sweat, and worst of all, had daisies on it. Not to mention it hadn’t been washed…ever. So, I bought three new mats, all of which had the exact same issues. I knew I couldn’t be the only one to have these problems.” And thus, an idea and the pursuit to develop and offer a better yoga mat and fitness products was born.

Yoga Strong products bridge the gap between competitive sport and holistic wellness, offering high-end products that exude both style and functionality.

Jason hopes to inspire more people to take up yoga and focus on their wellness holistically. He shares this advice: “Best tip for the novice yogi is to not feel intimidated! The crazy poses and acrobatics you see on Instagram are not what yoga is about. It’s just about being in tune with your body. Getting started is the toughest part, but if you stay with it, you’ll be glad you did!”

As a leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry, Jason is committed to authenticity, integrity, credibility, and diversity. 

“My best advice for creating a wellness brand is to be someone who would be a customer. Being able to authentically vouch for the integrity of your brand will give you and your brand a legitimacy that cannot be faked and lend more credibility and trustworthiness to the brand,” says Deutchman. “Furthermore, you can understand pain points better, so you can seamlessly iterate on your brand and products for the better. Our entire founding team is made up of former college or pro athletes. I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years, and my sister is a yoga instructor. As a result, we can use our personal experience to optimize product development, marketing, community, events, and more.”

When it comes to building a great team to build a quality brand, leadership and collaboration are key: “The diversity of our leadership (at Yoga Strong) is something we pride ourselves on. Having a team with a mix of gender, nationality, and background allows us to collaborate with a wider range of viewpoints and perspectives, and promote inclusivity in an arena that has historically been exclusive to traditional forms and beliefs surrounding yoga,” says Deutchman.

Yoga Strong products can be found for business gifting in the Health & Wellness gift collection, as well as Rising Voices. While you can always find minority-owned brands in any of our gift collections, within the Snappy Rising Voices Gift Collection, you’ll exclusively find minority-owned businesses and products.

And for personal gifting, you can find Yoga Strong products available to send to gift recipients in Snappy’s Health & Wellness collection, Sports gifting collection, and Gifts for Her collection.

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