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Leveraging AI in Partnership with Human Expertise

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Lizzie La Barbera
August 18, 2023

Since day one, Snappy has been on a mission to spread joy, share gratitude, and take the guesswork out of gift giving. And while there’s never a bad time to send gifts and share gratitude, the holiday season is our favorite time of year for gift giving, reminding people just how much they mean to you through acts of kindness and generosity!

It may still be summer, but our team of expert merchandisers and gift curators are already hard at work sourcing new products and leveraging innovative technology to bring our globally popular holiday gift collections to life! In the past, we’ve relied solely on the expertise of our team members to source new products and curate them into thoughtful gift collections for our users. This year, we’re incorporating new AI technology to streamline gift curation, perfecting our trusted gifting algorithms to streamline our work so we can bring you even more amazing gift options more efficiently, and even more suited to your gifting needs:

Perfecting our algorithm 

Our proprietary gifting algorithm has been further developed and perfected this year using innovative technology. Our updated algorithm is helping our gift curation team discover and create the most exciting collections we’ve ever had, and will be key in making sure we are offering our recipients the most popular and relevant gifts for the 2023 holiday season and beyond for all our business gifting partners.

Leveraging AI

We are leveraging the power of AI to assist our product curation team by automating everyday tasks so we can focus more of our time and energy on securing the most exciting gifts from top partners. Our primary goal is to always have stellar gift collection offerings for our business gifting clients, so the support they receive this holiday season allows us to go above and beyond.

For our personal gifting platform,, we recently launched our AI Gifting Assistant to take personalized gifting to the next level: “This innovative experience allows gift senders to create a personalized collection for family and friends based on their hobbies and interests. What makes Snappy’s approach so special is that we are combining the power of OpenAI’s GPT model with the human touch of our in-house expert curators,” says Taylor Healy, Lead Curator for Personal Gifting. 

“Gift-givers simply enter a few words to describe their recipient and the gifting assistant will scan our catalog of over 15,000 (and counting) hand-selected products to return a custom collection of high-quality gift choices, helping to deliver the perfect gift for every person, every time, at every occasion. The Snappy Gifts personal gifting plugin is also available as one of the first 500 apps on ChatGPT! As part of our mission to constantly innovate and elevate the experiences we offer, these tools will help our users deliver more thoughtful, personalized gift collections, with each individual recipient in mind.”

We’ll be releasing our 2023 Holiday Gift Collections for business and personal gifting soon! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements by reading our blog and connecting with Snappy on LinkedIn.

Gifting made easy with Snappy

For more information, and to start sharing delightful gifting experiences that deliver gratitude and joy with friends and family, visit for all your personal gifting needs. 

For business and client gifting solutions get started today with the Snappy Essential Plan, or for larger organizations and gifting at scale, connect with a member of the Snappy team to learn more on how to send personal gifts in an instant.

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