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Snappy Gifts Are The Gifts That Keep Giving This Holiday Season

Colleen Schwartz
December 19, 2023

By encouraging employees to claim their holiday gifts, you’re not just ensuring that they feel valued, you’re fostering a more joyful, connected, and motivated workforce.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for sharing yuletide cheer. 

Amplify The Power Of “Thank You”

Create a real or virtual “Wall of Gratitude” to showcase employee acknowledgments and shoutouts. You can even feature these notes in your newsletters, in messaging platforms like Slack or Teams, or on your intranet, making every “thank you” resonate with the spirit of the season throughout your organization. 

Your 2023 Gifts (Un)Wrapped

Spark conversation and connection among your team by sharing the most popular gift choices from the gift campaigns you’ve sent throughout the year. It’s simple: just visit Campaign Tab > View Report to discover everyone’s favorites. You can even create a “top holiday picks” list to inspire people who still need some help deciding what holiday gift to select.

Festive Favorites Exchange 

Encourage a cheery exchange of ideas on Slack or other messaging platforms where employees can chat and share advice and reviews on their favorite picks from your gift campaign. The interactive space becomes a hub for holiday inspiration and gift selection. Employees can post pictures, share why they chose a particular gift, and offer suggestions for others looking to pick their perfect holiday present. This is a fantastic way to spark conversation, deepen connections and learn more about each other’s interests.

Bonus: It also offers Snappy Admins a guide to future gift selections, ensuring that every present is meaningful and delightful. Snappy Gifts aren’t just gifts – they are a spark for fun, teamwork, and holiday cheer. Get ready to unwrap not just presents, but a culture of connections and positivity across your workplace, wrapped in the warmth of the holiday spirit.

Still need to send gifts? Get started now!

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