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6 Sustainable Gift Brands For Earth Day and Beyond

Ciara Appelbaum
March 21, 2022

At Snappy, we’ve made it our mission to show our love for the planet by featuring gift options that are sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and/or donate to environmental causes. The smallest change can have a big impact, which is why we’re passionate about environmentally friendly gifts and giving back.

Looking for some Earth Day gift options? We're excited to share a few of our eco-friendly gift partners to make choosing a sustainable gift even easier! They can be found in our new US Sustainability Collection year-round!

Meet some of our Sustainable Gift Partners


Eco-friendly accessories to help you greet the outdoors.

Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone, from athletes and photographers to your average city folks and weekend warriors. It’s our passion to bring elements of the outdoors and the city life together. Whether you’re summiting the tallest peaks or lounging around town with friends, our products are practical, stylish, and functional. Being ready for anything is what we’re all about.”

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

Each year Coalatree uses surplus fabric to create warm blankets for the homeless in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. They also partner with local organizations to maintain the hiking and biking trails they frequent and to protect the integrity of our watersheds. This makes Coalatree a great choice for environmentally friendly gifts.  


A green subscription box.

MightyNest is a family-founded business built on the idea that living a toxin-free, low-waste life doesn't have to be hard. Discover a new eco-friendly product every month with the #MightyFix!”

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

The MightNest helps you tackle one healthy change each month with eco-friendly gifts that are high quality, useful, and fun. They are your source for sustainable gifts, providing inspiration to make meaningful changes such as ditching disposables, replacing plastic and eliminating toxins. They consult with 12+ sources, including government regulatory groups, chemistry databases and advocacy groups, to learn everything they can when researching every ingredient.

Public Goods

Essential products in environmentally friendly packaging.  

Public Goods is your one stop shop for healthy, sustainable, everyday essentials you can trust. Our ever-growing selection of products spans personal care, household and cleaning essentials, pantry staples, pet care, and dinnerware — all with clean ingredients and considered packaging. Public Goods supplies peace of mind by planting a tree and carbon offsetting the shipping for every order.”

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

Public Goods partners with the Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit that has planted hundreds of millions of trees to restore our forests, support impoverished communities and combat climate change. For every new Public Goods member, they give Eden the money to plant another tree.


Making light sustainable and energy accessible for all.

“You’ll never be caught in the dark with LuminAID’s innovative solar-powered lanterns and phone chargers. From backpackers in California, to emergency kits in Florida, or solar school kits in Uganda, people around the world are using LuminAID lights in creative ways every day.”

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

LuminAid's missions were invented to fill a need for safe, sustainable lighting after disasters by using solar energy. In addition to that, this lantern was constructed with an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional materials.


The first-ever carbon-neutral suitcase.

"The travel brand beloved by everyone from Oprah to Mindy Kaling (you can even spot their bags on the last season of Succession!), Paravel makes timeless luggage, bags, accessories, and organizers from upcycled and sustainable materials.

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

A Climate Neutral certified brand, Paravel has created the first-ever carbon-neutral suitcase and tote, planted over 170,000 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects, upcycled 4.7 million plastic bottles to create their products, and was named 2021's "Most Responsible Retailer" by Modern Retail. It's a great gift for sustainability lovers on the go!


Tree-planting kits that tackle deforestation.

ForestNation is a for-profit sustainable business. Our products empower organizations to give back, reforest our planet and create sustainable livelihoods. Our goal is to plant billions of trees and develop our platform to connect all your tree planting, carbon offsets and sustainable activities.”

Why It’s a Sustainable Gift MVP

Looking for a unique eco-friendly gift? ForestNation offers products and services that unite environmental, social, and commercial goals together. They stimulate local economies; develop leadership roles for women; and create a brighter outlook for future generations.

Start sending Sustainable Corporate Gifts with Snappy

At Snappy, showing appreciation to others means the world to us - whether that's directed to people or the planet. We help organizations reward employees and customers with gifts that create a positive impact on the world and delight - every time. That’s why we actively feature environmentally friendly gifts in all of our collections. 

Know an awesome eco-friendly gift we should offer? Contact us at

Learn more about our sustainable gift options with our Sustainable Gift Guide!
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