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The Benefits of Client Gifts for the Holidays (and beyond)

Daisy Rogozinsky
October 23, 2022

Strong client relationships are essential for any successful business, and sending thoughtful gifts to clients is a delightful and impactful way to deliver on that goal. Gifts serve as a gesture of appreciation and a reminder that you value their partnership -  helping foster emotional connections and drive customer loyalty.

But sending meaningful client requires a strategy - predicting what your recipients may find valuable while balancing your budget and schedule. And there are further considerations to keep in mind when sending gifts to clients, like what makes an appropriate gift and what doesn't.

The good news is that connecting with your clients through meaningful gift-giving moments is much simpler and more accessible than before, and we'll go through the basics of how you can easily start doing so in this article.

The business impact of sending client gifts

While giving clients gifts requires an investment of resources, the ROI makes it well worth it, as client gifting can have many benefits for your business. 

First, gifting can help you show your clients that you appreciate them. After all, when a client chooses to work with or buy from you over another business, they express confidence in your abilities and quality of work. This is certainly something to be grateful for! 

Occasions like the holidays - as well as other milestones such as signing on a new client or reaching an anniversary with a client - are a perfect opportunity to use gifts to show appreciation.

And those feelings of being appreciated can go a long way. 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated. Suppose you can build strong relationships and create positive feelings. In that case, you'll be able to nourish the client relationship and earn your client's loyalty. And a loyal client is a valuable one, with existing customers spending 67% more on average than new ones. 

Happily, gifts are a great way to make people feel good, as they are known to release the pleasure hormone dopamine. And if you get them right, you will enjoy a positive outcome for your business. 

Think about it, if you and a competitor were similar in every way except you sent your client a thoughtful gift and your competitor didn't, which company do you think will stand out to the client as friendlier and more memorable? 

Client gifting can be one of the factors that help differentiate your brand and give you a competitive advantage. 

Tips for successful gifting 

Here are some best practices to keep in mind to make the absolute most out of your holiday client gifts and any future ones you choose to send. 

Be thoughtful 

When it comes to gifts, do your best to avoid being generic. Customers would be much more moved by a unique and personalized experience from a brand they are working with, especially if it aligns with their values. For example, allowing your client to choose their gift from a collection of choices can be an excellent way to demonstrate that you understand your client's individuality and are mindfull of what they like and need. 

Follow stated policies 

Not all employees of every company are allowed to accept gifts. For example, journalists, government employees, and doctors are usually prohibited from accepting gifts. Before you send a client a gift, try to check in and find out if there are any rules and limitations you should know about.

Consider culture and background for your greetings

Not everybody celebrates the same seasonal holidays, and sending a person a greeting for a holiday that is irrelevant to them may come off as impersonal or even offensive. To ensure your holiday gift is appropriate, consider what cultural background your intended client comes from. If you're not certain what holidays they celebrate, a more general greeting may be in order.

Pay attention to timing 

If a client receives a belated gift after the occasion at hand, it may potentially reflect poorly on you. Make an effort to plan ahead so that you can be certain that your gifts will arrive in time.

Use branding sparingly 

A common practice when it comes to client gifting is to send branded gifts with your company's logo on them. While this is a great way to strengthen your brand awareness, it can also come off as impersonal. If you do choose to brand your holiday gifts, make sure to do so sparingly and tactfully.

The holiday opportunity

If you haven't done so already, there's no better time than the December holidays to remind your clients you are thinking of them - strengthening emotional bonds as you close out the year.

Think of it on the personal level. Receiving a thoughtful holiday gift from somebody who cares about you can make you feel valued and considered, helping to strengthen your relationship with the gift's sender. The same applies to client gifting. Send a great gift to a client, and you're well on the road to a stronger relationship, increased loyalty, and improved brand recognition.

Best of all, it doesn't have to be complicated. With Snappy, you can easily send memorable client gifts at ease and for a budget that works for your business. And your reputation will become not only be the one who provides the best service, but also always gives the perfect gift. 

Whatever price point you're working with, it shouldn't be challenging to spread holiday cheer to your clients with meaningful gifts and without the holiday hassle. 

How to decide on a holiday client gifting budget 

When planning client gifts for the holiday season, many companies get stuck on the subject of budget. It can be challenging to choose how much to spend on a client gift, especially if you're doing it for the first time and are working with a limited budget. 

To start, know that in the US you may be able to deduct up to $25 per person worth of client gifts from your taxes. This indicates that $25 is a great starting point as a lower limit of how much to budget per client.

Beyond that, you might find it helpful to learn that the average spend on client gifts in 2017 was $48 per person (Advertising Specialty Institute). Adjusted for inflation, that is the equivalent of $58 in 2022.

There are a few additional factors worth taking into consideration when deciding your client gifting budget, including:

The amount the client has spent with you 

It's sensible to take your business with a client into consideration when choosing the amount you spend on a gift for them. If, for example, the client's yearly spend with you is $10,000, it wouldn't necessarily make sense to buy them a $1,000 gift. But for a million-dollar contract, a higher-priced gift might be called for. 

Any gifting policies the client has in place 

Some businesses have policies that limit how expensive a gift their employees may accept. If this applies to a client you want to send a gift to, it's important to follow the stated policy.  

Ultimately, however, budget should not be a limiting factor. If you want to send client gifts, the right solution will help you choose great options no matter what kind of budget you're working with. 

9 client gift ideas to get you started

Excited to get started planning holiday gifts for your clients? Here are nine gift ideas to get you started, with dozens more available for every budget in our Snappy Holiday Collection ( view our 2022 holiday gift guide). The best part - with Snappy you can send clients the gift of choice, allowing them to select the perfect gift that they want most. 

Google Nest Mini | $50 Collection

Holiday Petite Zebra Garden | $50 Collection

Milo Flute Glasses | $25 Collection

Make-a-wish donation | Any budget

Uber Chill personal mini fridge | $50 Collection

The Qi Special Connection Flower Tea Set | $75 Collection

Lexon 3-in-1 Wireless Station | $100 Collection

Bella Personal Blender  | $25 Collection

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit | $100 Collection

Delight your clients all year long 

The 2022 holiday season is only the beginning when it comes to great client gifting. Once you've found an impactful gifting solution, giving gifts year-round to clients whenever you feel appropriate is easy. This way, you'll create meaningful moments with your loyal clients right when you need to. 

A few gifting occasions to look forward to beyond this holiday season include:

Client onboarding  - Bringing on a new client is an occasion well worth celebrating, with a thoughtful client gift serving as a perfect way to mark the moment.

Seeking testimonials or feedback - If you want to reach out to your client to ask them for a testimonial that you can later us as social proof, a great way to incentivize them to take the time and send in their feedback is to send a fun gift along with your request. 

Encouraging renewals - If the time of year has come around for your client to renew their contract with you, a gift can be a great way to encourage them to stay loyal to your company. 

Rewarding milestones - Has your client worked with you continuously for one, two, or five years? Maybe even more? Show them your gratitude for their loyalty with a thoughtful anniversary gift. 

Get well soon if a client is sick - If your client isn't feeling well, sending them a get well soon gift is a kind gesture that can help build your relationship. 

Life events - Big life occasions such as weddings or the birth of a new baby call for celebratory gifts. Your clients will surely appreciate receiving a thoughtful wedding present from you - or whatever the occasion may be. 

Snappy is the best way to send memorable client gifts

Snappy's gifting platform features thousands of constantly updated client gifts hand-picked by our gifting experts. Gifts are available in various collections based on seasonal events, evergreen occasions, cultural holidays, socially responsible initiatives and more. 

Our unique collection-based sending option enables gift recipients to easily select their favorite gift from a pre-budgeted selection and for you to send relevant, thoughtful gifts for every occasion. If you have something specific in mind you would like to send, that is an option as well.

The best part - Snappy is automated and scalable so you can easily set up campaigns based on your occasions, clients and preferences. With more than 50,000 five-star reviews, Snappy has already become the trusted partner to over 2,500 enterprise customers and has sent millions of gifts worldwide.

Ready to make your clients happy with Snappy?

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