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The Great Appreciation

Dan Cheuvront
February 3, 2022

The last (almost) two years have affected every facet of modern life. One unexpected outcome is a massive shift in the way people, particularly Millennials and Gen-Z, view their relationship with work. With organizations adjusting to the realities of remote work and making constant adjustments as new information becomes available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to show appreciation for their hard work. The result is a well-documented and very impactful movement – The Great Resignation. 

Simply put - the pace of change has helped create a growing disconnect between workers, who face genuine, 21st Century problems and some organizations that are struggling to keep up with change. Lost in the process is the art of appreciation - the ability to dig deep and show someone you genuinely care.

The Great Resignation leads to The Great Appreciation

“Nobody wants to work anymore.” We’ve all heard this phrase recently, and it’s a very nuanced and not wholly accurate picture of what’s going on. People want to work and get fulfillment out of the work they put in. When you pile on the stress of a global pandemic, lack of sympathy, and lack of proper infrastructure, people resigning en masse is one of the many consequences.

Because of the sudden shift caused by the pandemic, many people have left their jobs and careers in several sectors to find fulfillment elsewhere. Lockdowns gave us all time to reflect on what matters most – connection. Collectively, we turned to the people nearest to us (albeit often via Zoom) for support and discovered how much they appreciate us. 

We believe this will translate to a shift in the workplace that we’re calling the Great Appreciation, where organizations will continue to find more ways to connect with employees and genuinely recognize effort and innovation. These lasting connections will help build meaningful and, importantly, longer-lasting relationships in the office and out. 

Snappy Founder and CEO Hani Goldstein perhaps said it best in a recent interview with Business Insider, “companies that prioritize and find ways to recognize all their hard-working team members will be successful in the years to come. We believe that even small gestures, like a smile, lead to tremendous long-term results. That's something that a lot of people are ready to embrace.”

Small, consistent change leads to significant impacts.

How do we move forward with the Great Appreciation? The answer is very layered and depends on the organization, but we know where we can start – find small ways to show appreciation for your team. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Free lunches, snacks, and other perks are lovely, but nothing motivates an employee quite like sending them a gift they’ll love. No, not a gift card – an actual gift. Pair that with an encouraging message and a dash of customization, magnifying the power of gifting. 

Do this consistently throughout the year to show them that you’re celebrating their effort and just watch the tremendous impacts it will have on your team.

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it.

We’re challenging you to make someone’s day and start showing appreciation in a whole new way. Of course, at Snappy, we’d love to help you on this journey, but however you get started, we’re just glad you are!

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 4th. One of the many official holidays in the United States, this day was created to strengthen the bond between employer and employee. It's an excellent opportunity for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year.

With Snappy, you can send gifts via email with a fun, personalized gift reveal and message. The best part? Your employees will be able to choose a gift from a curated collection that fits within your specified budget! 

So how will you make an impact? What fun and exciting gift reveal will you design in the Snappy Dashboard? How many smiles can you send in a single click? That’s up to you – and the key to it all? Make an effort to show them how much you care - sign in now to send a gift.

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