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Unwrapping Joy: How Snappy Transforms the Art of Gifting In the Workplace

Colleen Schwartz
March 20, 2024

Today’s workplace is almost unrecognizable compared to a few years ago. And the pace of profound change isn’t slowing. 

The shift from traditional “in the office five days a week” to remote and hybrid work, alongside evolving corporate cultures, presents a new set of challenges for HR teams and employee engagement specialists. 

What is the best way to align with new norms and expectations? 

Snappy takes your rewards and recognition programs from a simple exchange to a powerful tool for expressing gratitude, fostering appreciation, and boosting morale.  

We’ve redefined corporate gifting to match the transforming workplace. Our secret? The perfect blend of personalization and choice that culminates in the perfect gift for every occasion. 

The magic behind Snappy: a gift that’s truly yours

Imagine receiving a gift that aligns with your tastes and preferences, a gift that you get to choose from a carefully curated collection of amazing options. That’s exactly what Snappy promises. Our unique platform transforms the traditional gifting experience by offering recipients to opportunity to browse options and choose their gift. The process is simple, yet impactful. Upon receiving a surprise notification via email or text, recipients take part in a digital unwrapping experience, choose their gift, and set their shipping address so that their present arrives right at their doorstep. 

Creating connections through meaningful gifting 

Thoughtful gifting plays a very important role in building and strengthening workplace relationships. Snappy helps companies use gifting as an opportunity to spark engagement and appreciation. Not only does the gift giver get to share gratitude with the recipient, but once a gift is selected, recipients are prompted to respond with a thank you note.  

Additionally, we’ve worked with companies that have created a virtual “Wall of Gratitude” to amplify the thank you notes, weaving a thread of appreciation and recognition throughout the entire organization. 

The ripple effect of shared joy

Snappy’s approach to gifting extends its influence beyond individual moments of happiness, which fosters a vibrant, connected, and motivated workplace culture. Companies that use Snappy as part of their rewards and recognition efforts cultivate an environment where meaningful gifts are catalysts for teamwork and shared joy. This not only deepens personal connections among team members but empowers managers to celebrate accomplishments and successes in a way that makes everyone feel seen and appreciated.  

Beyond gifts: a connected workplace 

Snappy’s reimagining of workplace gifting transforms it into an interactive, personalized experience that enriches the gift giver as well as the recipient. It embeds choice, flexibility, and the power of a personal touch into the process. 

As a result, Snappy not only perfects the art of gifting, but also reinforces the foundational values of gratitude, connection, and joy in the workplace, adapting seamlessly to the evolving dynamics of modern corporate culture.

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