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Partner Spotlight: Daniel Gerges of Uber Appliance

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Lauren Nolan
August 28, 2023

Gifting with Snappy means empowering your recipients to choose the perfect gift to meet their unique interests, needs, and lifestyle. At Snappy, we take great pride in thoughtfully partnering with merchandisers to curate gift collections featuring high-quality products and services that are sure to leave recipients feeling deeply appreciated, joyful, and excited!

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Uber Appliance cofounder & president, Daniel Gerges. Uber Appliance believes in spending quality time with family and friends around the dinner table. This mentality has led to innovative design and product creation in popular home and kitchen appliances aimed at simplifying meal time and bringing loved ones together. A few of the most-loved gift items selected by Snappy gift recipeints include Uber Appliance Oil-Free Uber Air Fryers, Uber Chill mini refrigerators, and Uber Sorbet Ice Cream Makers. 

Uber Appliance, a Black-owned small business, has products featured in Snappy’s business gifting platform in the Rising Voices gift collection, as well as Snappy’s Picks gift collections. And for personal gifting, you can find Uber Appliances in Snappy’s Cooking gifts collection, College Care gifts collection, and Snappy’s gift collection Celebrating Diversity.

Uber Appliance was founded and continues to be headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Daniel and Andrew Gerges are brothers who grew up in Cleveland and graduated from Cleveland State University, both with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Daniel went on to work in the Aerospace industry at NASA, developing cutting edge aeronautical technology that has empowered success in outer space missions. Andrew’s career included perfecting the production process in the automotive industry.

Out of their shared passion for cooking, memories of family meals, and aspirations to live healthier lifestyles aimed at longevity, they worked together to launch Uber Appliance. They successfully applied their engineering knowledge, personal passions, and new technology to develop household products for people to live healthier lives so that they can enjoy time sharing meals with loved ones.

“Our journey began with deep-rooted inspiration from our childhood experiences watching our grandmother work culinary magic in the kitchen. The hours we spent watching her make delicious meals using basic ingredients and only a stove top left an indelible mark on us. We would marvel at her ability to transform basic foods into extraordinary dishes that brought our family together around the dinner table,” says Daniel. 

“The memories of the stories, laughs, and those homemade meals shared with our family instilled the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy such such experiences in their life. From there, we set out on a mission to create a range of appliances that would empower individuals to make healthy, home-cooked meals with convenience and ease.”

Daniel and Andrew continue to build and grow the company and their line of products with innovation in mind, and with great pride as they embrace diversity in their growing leadership team seeking expert individuals from different backgrounds to bring fresh perspectives and solutions to the brand and product offerings.

“As a minority small business owner, I have experienced firsthand the power of representation and the importance of amplifying diverse voices. By fostering a culture that celebrates diversity, we not only create a more inclusive work environment but also infuse our brand with authenticity and a deeper understanding of our customers' needs,” says Daniel. 

“Embracing diversity within our leadership team is not just a moral imperative, but a strategic advantage. It allows us to build stronger connections with our customers, understand their evolving preferences, and deliver products that genuinely enrich their lives. By leveraging our diverse perspectives, we position Uber Appliance as a brand that celebrates inclusivity, fosters togetherness, and embraces the unique traditions and experiences of families from all backgrounds.”

Daniel’s advice for other Black business owners seeking success in their own respective industries: “As a Black entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to create a lasting impact not only in your community but also in your industry. Your perspective, creativity, and experiences are invaluable assets that can set you apart and bring fresh ideas to the table.”

“Remember that success often comes with challenges and uncertainties. Starting a business requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from both failures and successes. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals who can provide guidance, advice, and inspiration along the way.”

As the holiday season approaches, we expect even more Snappy gift recipients to get excited about products options from Uber Appliance available for selection in their Snappy Gift collections, and hope they’ll enjoy making meals to share with loved ones!

You can send Uber Appliance products and other amazing gift options as your own token of gratitude, celebration, or thanks using Snappy’s personal gifting platform as well as our award-winning enterprise gifting platform.

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