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Snappy Essential: a Guide to Your Dashboard & Experience

May 9, 2023

If you've been enjoying Snappy so far, you are going to love what happens next. As an upgraded Essential user, you now can enjoy brand new features such as automated gifting, international gift sends, gift tracking tools, and more. 

How amazing is that?

This quick guide will introduce you to the various new features and functionalities of the dashboard and show you how to make the most out of your upgraded Snappy experience. Whether you are a longtime Snappy user or just getting started - read on to learn how your new gifting tools are going to be a blast.

The gift activity page is your Snappy home base. Here you can start a new campaign with suggested preset templates, access advanced gift reports when you scroll down, and view Thank You notes on the right. Learn more about how to use this page below.

Your Navigation Bar

Navigate between the different key areas of the platform with a new navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Gift Activity
Takes you back to your Gift Activity page, which serves as the dashboard homepage.

Easy access to manage all your campaigns, including editing drafts, sending more gifts from an existing campaign, and more. Learn more about campaigns here

New ways to organize your recipient lists! Add recipients directly to your account either by file upload or manually. Learn more about your recipient's page here

Manage your billing methods, track their budgets, and view detailed invoices. Learn more about billing here

Account Settings
Create sub-accounts to accommodate different teams in your business or organization. Easily oversee accounts and invite users from this page.

Launch a new campaign in a click  

Launching a new gifting campaign is now super simple. Your Gift Activity page features two buttons at the top to easily kick off any gift send. Use the “Automate Gifts” button for an automated campaign like a birthday or employee/client anniversary or “Send Gifts” for a one-time send-or to schedule a future campaign.

You can also launch a campaign by using one of the three suggested shortcuts. Click on them to kickstart your campaigns.

Browse by Gift Categories

Enjoy easy access to our primary gift categories. Browse the different category collections and find the perfect one for your upcoming send. 

Sending a one-off gift every time an employee or client celebrates a birthday or work anniversary can be challenging, and time consuming. Enter a great solution: Automated campaigns!

With your essential experience you can now create automated campaigns for milestone occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Once you set up the campaign according to your preferences, Snappy will automate your gifts for you so you never miss an important employee celebration or client milestone. 

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create your first automated campaign:

1. Click < automate gifts> button 

2.  Choose the type of automated campaign you would like to create and name your campaign

3. Adjust the setting according to your campaign type 

4. In the campaign settings-choose your gift collection and budget

5. In the gift studio, customize your email and gift landing page

6. In recipients- upload or choose from existing recipients who will receive the gifts
Important: don't forget to include the relevant information for this campaign (for birthdays, a birthday, for anniversaries, a hire date etc...)

7. Launch-review your campaign and launch (you can always come back and make changes)

Looking for even easier automated gifting? Upgrade your Snappy plan to Elevated and access our suite of HR Integrations and have your Snappy account automatically sync with your HR system for any automated campaign! Learn more here

From today you can send gifts to over 30 countries! Simply select the budget, countries, and gift category you would like to send. Available collections will automatically update in the window to show what is available for your preferred countries. 

Note: International gifting is only available when you are sending a gift collection (let them pick a gift). You can now send gifts to over 30 countries! Simply select the budget, countries, and gift category you would like to send. Available collections will automatically update in the window to show what is available for your preferred countries. 

Note: You can now choose to send gifts either as a collection where the recipient selects their gift, or send a gift you select to all recipients. International gifting is only available when you choose to send a gift collection (let them pick a gift).

And so much more!

If you need any help navigating through your dashboard, use our Live Chat to get help from our amazing CS team always on-hand. You can also send an email to or watch the tutorial video below:

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