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Workplace Wellness in Healthcare: The Importance of Employee Engagement and Appreciation for Doctors, Nurses & Administrators

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Lauren Nolan
March 18, 2024

Working in healthcare is a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Creating a sense of wellness and culture of appreciation for healthcare workers is important in keeping employees engaged and happy.

With long hours, high-stress environments, and evolving treatment options and technologies it’s not uncommon for healthcare workers to experience burnout, which is exactly why access to wellness resources, positive employee programing, and support are needed in the field. 

Here are a few of the challenging aspects of working in healthcare, along with tips for increasing employee wellness and improving overall job satisfaction among doctors, nurses, and administrators alike:

Long hours and heavy workloads

Doctors and nurses often work long shifts, including overnights, weekends, and holidays. The demanding schedule along with the high-pressure environment can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, contributing to burnout and stress.

Implementing official policies the support work-life balance and rest, such as flexible scheduling, adequate paid time off, and wellness programming are all be beneficial solutions for creating a well rounded and healthy work environment. 

Employee recognition and appreciation programs are another method of care for employees that establish formal moments and tangible rewards to acknowledge all the hard work, long hours, and heavy loads taken on by doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators. 

Employee recognition is all about noticing and rewarding what people have accomplished, sharing positive feedback for specific contributions. Appreciation, on the other hand, is making sure employees feel seen and valued. Employee recognition and employee appreciation are both valuable and fundamental for a healthy and fulfilled workforce.

Emerging technologies, new research & continuing education

Medicine is a constantly evolving field. New research, treatments, and technologies are always being evaluted and considered for improved patient care and outcomes. Doctors and nurses invest signifcant time and effort in continuing education so they can provide the best care possible.

Hospitals can provide opportunities for professional development for their healthcare employees. Continuous learning through workshops, conferences, and training programs help doctors and nurses keep skills sharp and empower healthcare professionals to advance their careers within their organizations. Incentivize, recognize, and celebrate achievements in continuing education through gifting with Snappy.

Patient care and satisfaction

Beyond being experts in medicine, doctors and nurses spend countless hours honing skills in communication and expectation management in an effort to care for patients in a empathetic and sincere manner. Often, it’s an altruistic desire to help others that is a driving motivator for people choosing careers in healthcare. 

Doctors and nurses are incredible caregiving professionals, and they need a little care, too. Employee appreciation programs are a great tool for ensuring doctors, nurses, and administrators feel seen and valued. It feels great to be recognized and appreciated through gifting and personalised notes from leaders and management.

Organizations can also provide care for hospital employees by fostering a collaborative work environment with open channels for communicating. It’s these caretakers and administrators who are often receiving the first line of communication, feedback, and concerns from patients. 

Encourage healthcare employees at every level to share both employee input as well as patient feedback through surveys, focus groups, and meetings with management. Having systems for open communication fosters a more collaborative work environment, encouraging culture of trust and respect where employees feel valued and appreciated.

Workplace wellness is good for everyone

Hospital administrators and leaders who consider the unique challenges and career hurdles faced by the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff within their organization have a great opportunity to significantly improve employee engagement through strategy, policies and programming. Employee engagement, recognition, and appreciation all lead to higher job satisfaction, better patient outcomes, and a more positive working environment. Wellness in the workplace is good for everyone, from employees at every level and the patients they care for.

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